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HikaChanbella & *Chicky*

HnC (HikaChanbella & *Chicky*) is my first comic project, I'm quite sure it can't be too regular by depending on my mood!


HikaChanbella was often sketched on papers, books and other non conventional media (even cell phone splashscreen and logo)!
Her first public appearance was through a desktop wallpaper.


The first *Chicky* appeared on Suteki * da * yo oekaki board.
It was often sketched as a fluffy chick.
It was named *Chicky* (yes, with the two '*') by a member of Suteki * da * yo (exactly she commented only with '*chicky*' every time I've drawn an oekaki of HnC).
HnC 07 - Kill Bill - vol. 1
HnC 06 - The Lord Of The Lamp
HnC 05 - Snow
HnC 04 - You've Got Mail
Zeus & Legam are (C) Zeus
HnC 03 - Google
HnC 02 - Help On-line
HnC 01 - Playing
HnC 00 - First Strip
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